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Far in the distance Come six evil men Feel their cruel intentions But you are tied with dread Shattered sight Crimson haze I am aware So I will contemplate Another sunless day No dusk, no dawn again Bells chime with verve Resonating from the graves Welcome to the Church of Pain Acolytes have been awaken You have fallen from grace Let catharsis take place Preach the arcane wisdom Thorn of my concern A curse for your oblivion Witness to your despair
Lilith 04:58
Born in heaven Embraced by the dark Faced the sacred Eden and shaped my new home Now the eyes of doom Shot you a withering look What if you break the rules? There’s nothing wrong with showing the truth So much malice passing before my eyes I won’t help you putdown everything you cant tie I’ll show no regret I won’t fall in your snare Fear Lilith, Demon Queen Untamed and expelled An endless life of misery and chains Is what God has for me? I’d rather burn Life of dispair I become strong Yearn the depths of hell Now your reign will corrode Reveal the story It won’t be in vain We need to fight Fight for our fate Stand strong In the gloom In the flames I’ve got thorns in my soul Seeking for revenge
Dragged by sorrow Falling again In my darkest memories There’s no ease, only unrest Is this fight with myself, is it Is it a flaw I will never mend? Will I get through this pain? (Take my pain) All my toughts are insane (Take me away) Blood runs cold through my veins Void in black, there’s no other way It’s so deep inside Struggling with the demons in my mind I find myself alone Will end up beated and defeated?
She was all I ever had I fully trusted her We were the best friends But one day all changed She came raging in the room She startedgiving shouts It was that dreadful day When my innocence melted away I'll sit her on it's chair I'll crush it's head Pooking her both eyes out I pull it's hair I will release the pain inside I'll burn my compassion on a pyre Ruthless Doll, cold tainted mind Evil hides in my smile All you are will turn around If you dare to see my wound Ruthless Doll, bunch of scrap Anger lies in my heart Those little monsters I will make them my own And cry with joy When I see their heads roll Nights are my dark playground Come, play with me a while You'll be in danger If you make me rile
I Bring HATE 06:47
Long time, so long ago He was a normal man No worries ahead Every effort Was rewarded with her smile She was his to die for, she was his life Your blood, still stains on his hands He tried, to make you understand How you, corrupted him with your sting Is this, a nightmare that begins? He has no face, but the strenght of steel With this growing powers, he’s more than real I bring HATE And now he’s cursed, forevermore No reason to conceal, this hate anymore He walks, he walks through dreams Can’t tell how much he wants to To hear you scream Fire, and echoes in the night Last words, and death come in so bright Screaming, while he turns into dust No more, tears and pain at last Somehow he feels, reborn again A full of anger souless, with broken chains I bring HATE
Soulmates, just you and me The only thing that matters Always together Nothing could divide us Tied with strong bonds Bound to our flesh and bones I can’t understand Why she’s now so cold I am in love with a dead Refusing to say goodbye Her breath slips through my hands She always be by my side You look down on us ‘Cause she has empty socket eyes Her skin broken and pale My sweet beauty angel I tell her fairytales While I comb her stiff hair I know she loves me Even when her heart doesn’t beat I am in love with a dead Refusing to say goodbye Her voice screams in my head Screams from the other, the other side Oh! No! Why! Her?!...
Here, we feel disregarded Falling apart Trying to find out a start Here, no one to trust Dazed by the stars Came to understand who we are Two different views of us Creatures of the night Truth’s in the beholder’s eye Which one is the right? Queen of the sky Spread your powers on us When sunlight stops shinning No one can hold us Hear these chants We’re singing for you We become inmortal Because we are Blessed By The Moon Here, embraced by the dark Carrying the mark Healing our past lives scars Here, disguised between shades Something you sense Something you’ll never discern In this treacherous world Nothing’s true or lie In this mare of illusions On who will you rely?
Everytime you take the pad You want the world on its knees You need to be the hero of the screen While you treat your mates like shit “All’s fair”, this is your quote Anything to reach the top of the score Mission complete! Bonus stage! One-on-one, prepare and engage Remember there are no extra lifes In my world there is no place to hide Now you are trapped in my game Every single step can make you fail Your life hangs on a very thin thread Counting down! ten seconds left! Stuck in a dismal maze Pixelated warhounds follow your steps Deadly arrows aiming at your head Time is out! And then you are dead! Humillated, bruised and down No saved files to restart this round Your last breath, your life bar is gone But my friend, there’s no respawn No matter how strong you are No matter how fast you can run The game is over, and something you learnt “Who plays with fire always get burned” Press Scar To Play
Leading to forbidden lands The pilgrims walk away Taking fading slaves In the middle of the night Carrying candles, charms and ashes Light the lanes with blazing torches They have been waiting for ages The evil’s fall Guided to a soon extinction Thralls accept their holy mission Blinded by a fake conviction To save the world Gathered around the boiling vessel Thought they had all under control They shed the blood of the wrong victim Broke the lore and ruined it all Wake up my demons We’ll take on this world As the result of their Failed ritual Blood thirsty devils uprising from hell Fear the legion under my spell Humans will burn in fear We’re the hunters you’re the deers Who put the first step In the begining of the end Cope with this unholy realm Now the omen turned real Cause the end is drawing near There’s no escape Underneath this crimson sky None shall be left alive Madness is on every side This world is mine
Many years have passed I’m waiting for my chance I’ve been here and there And nothing ever changed I used to feel remorse I used to sense regret I have come to a point where Nothing makes sense Remember the sparkle Of light in the darkness It faded away In danger we remain What is not done Will stay undone Lost of a lifetime What I did is all wrong Day by day I’m closer to decay Need to fall asleep Never wake up from my dream How long will this last I’m about to collapse My will to live is gone Why should I go on? If only you could see This world we live in Is withering my heart I have no one to trust Sooner or later I’ll spread my wings To fly away Covered in frozen rain Now it’s here I can feel The end is truly near On the edge My last breath Close my eyes and Burn in the air


released October 31, 2019


all rights reserved




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